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Texans get to choose a new license plate design

texaslicenseplate.jpgOver the past year, many states changed their license tag designs, using the state’s population to choose the winner. Now Texas is changing its licenses plates and we have One Week to vote for which tag we like best. The choices include the current tag plus four new designs which TXDot won’t reveal until noon February 4, 2008, when we all get to see.

Voting takes place at the TXDot website.

Texans have a license to choose new plates | – Houston Chronicle
On Monday, the Texas Department of Transportation officials will unveil four possible designs for next year’s general-issue Texas license plates.

And for the first time, Texans will help choose the plate design by voting for their favorite on the Internet.

Texans will have one week — beginning noon Monday — to go to and vote for one of the four new designs or for the existing plate.

If Texans pick the current design, it will be modified to show seven digits rather than six.

“We’re trying to listen to what our customers are saying,” said Rebecca Davio, TxDOT’s director of vehicles, title and registration.

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