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How Faint the Praise of Technology When it Dies

As I write this article in my offline editor of choice (Windows Live Writer), our normally rock-solid Internet connection is non-existent. It went down in the wee hours, and I discovered it when I awoke. This sure does mess up my morning routine.

Routine comforts us. Routine grounds us. Routine drives those around us completely crazy. I love my routine and tend to get real grouchy when it is disrupted, especially before I have my morning coffee.

You have to understand though, Deborah and I operate an online retail website that requires our constant attention. Without Internet access, we are lost and tend to bump into each other, looking for something to do. We don’t take newspapers anymore, preferring to read our news online, and we don’t have any television enhancements like cable or satellite. That leaves us stuck with a couple channels of Rachel Ray and Kelly Ripa coming in on the rabbit ears. Neither of which do I consider gripping television.

We also read our comics online. The Houston Chronicle offers a great tool that allows users to create a custom comics page from all the comics they carry, and I also frequent as another source of giggles. There are also the online only comics, hosted on their creators’ websites. I try to keep this to a minimum, but still have six or seven bookmarked.

Miss Messy Deborah, for something to do, has settled into cleaning her office, but neat-freak that I am, I don’t have that to fall back on. That leaves writing and reading.

I have been reading an old book the last few weeks: Biscuits, Fleas, and Pump Handles by Zig Ziglar. Most of you will know it better by the newer title, See You at the Top. I can understand the title change. It’s hard to promote a motivational book that sounds like a farmer’s almanac.

Request timed out, still shows in the command prompt window beside my writing window. The same words repeated over and over until they seem to stand still in time. When will the familiar replies begin? Soon I hope, because it’s time to start thinking about lunch and I haven’t checked my email since last night before bedtime. Fourteen hours without checking email … it is excruciatingly painful.

Oh, there it is now … never mind!

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