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NEW FEATURE! Email Updates from The Daily Flag

By popular demand, The Daily Flag is offering a new feature

subscribe.jpg Some readers have requested automatic email notifications for new articles rather than using our RSS feed. After researching the alternatives, that option is now here.

Please notice the sign-up box on the right side of the website which requires only your email address to begin receiving the very best in stories, news, and editorials relating to flags.

How To

The process is a simple one, and includes a built-in feature to help us all defeat junk emails. This new email subscription requires a double opt-in from you, so someone else can’t submit your email address.

When you enter your email address, an email is sent to the address submitted with a link to set your options. When you follow this link, you will be presented with a list of categories to subscribe to, with ALL as the default. You must follow the link and click save, to be subscribed to The Daily Flag.

Every time we write a new article, you will receive an email containing the article, delivered right to your inbox. Each email will also contain a link to change your settings or to unsubscribe from the service (but why would you do that?). Quick … easy … sweet …

Our Privacy Policy

Another worry I can lift off your shoulders is your privacy. The Privacy Policy adhered to at our Flag Store is in effect at The Daily Flag, as well, but to summarize our policy—WE DON’T SHARE YOUR PRIVATE INFORMATION WITH ANYONE … PERIOD!

Go! Now! Do it, so you’ll never overlook another exciting episode of The Daily Flag!

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