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Having a Bad Day

IsThereAProblem Some days are better than others as proven by this photograph. Driving by the local elementary school proved quite enlightening with the U.S. and Texas flag flying from the new flagpole.

Deborah and I both took a quick second look to confirm our eyes weren’t playing tricks on us. Do you spot the problem with this photo?

This elementary school is new; they were still working on the grounds when school started this year. I haven’t noticed if the flags are taken down every night, but during the Christmas/New Year break the flags have flown 24/7.  I don’t know who at the school is in charge of putting the flags up and taking them down, but I do know they were a little careless raising the flags the last time.

For years, two bits of information helped me with properly flying the Lone Star flag. The first was a saying—white is right—meaning that the white stripe at the top was correct. The second was the star. When flying right, the point on the 5-pointed star is positioned to point straight up.

Last month, I heard another saying to remember the right way to fly the Texas flag—the blood ran down—which is very descriptive of the red stripe being on the bottom. Now I have three ways to remember the correct way to fly the Texas flag. Just remember though, if you are in North Carolina, these sayings don’t apply.

There’s no one at the school during this two week break, but I think someone will be very embarrassed when they return and see what has been flying for the last few weeks.

Oh well … everyone deserves to have a bad day … but only one.

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