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The Daily Flag News—December 28, 2007

Williamsburg scores a huge coup with this display of Revolutionary flags captured by the British in 1779. Somehow preserved for 255 years, the flags will be on display until January 9, 2009.

Rare Revolutionary War battle flags returning to U.S. —
revolutionaryrareflags.jpgWILLIAMSBURG – Four rare American battle flags captured by the British during the Revolutionary War will get their first extended public homecoming Saturday in a new exhibit at The Museums of Colonial Williamsburg.

Taken as trophies more than 225 years ago, the unusually well-preserved banners remained in the family of notorious British cavalry leader Banestre Tarleton until being sold at auction to a private owner last year.

They will be displayed alongside an evocative collection of Revolutionary War-era firearms and cavalry swords in an exhibit called “Captured Colors: Four Battleflags of the American Revolution.”

The Gerald R. Ford Museum is gaining in popularity a year after President Ford’s death. The website has a very good video report from the museum and some upcoming displays. Look for the video on their website. & WOOD TV8 – Grand Rapids news, weather, sports and video – Ford Museum doubles attendance
tv8fordmuseum.jpgGRAND RAPIDS – The Gerald R. Ford Museum more than doubled its annual attendance in the year since President Ford died.

The challenge for the museum now and in the future is how to hang on to that high attendance. In the year since he passed, 130,000 visitors came through the doors, compared to 60,000 the previous year.

The mystery flag might remain as such with the small picture that accompanies the article. It looks interesting, and had writing on it, but that’s all I can tell. What do you see?

Llanelli historians are trying to track down the tale behind a communist flag found for sale in a town charity shop.Mystery surrounds the red satin flag which was bought by…
llanellimuseumflagjpg.jpgLlanelli historians are trying to track down the tale behind a communist flag found for sale in a town charity shop.Mystery surrounds the red satin flag which was bought by Friends of Llanelli Museum from the Salvation Army charity shop.

Emblazoned in Russian with the communist slogan “workers of the world, unite”, the flag could have been given as a prize in a socialist competition.

Camping out in the cold wasn’t my favorite way to enjoy the outdoors, but I can guarantee the boys had as much fun as summer camp. From all the pictures with this article, it looks like this Troop had a blast.

Troop 55 Braves Subfreezing Temperatures
scouttroop55.jpgTwenty four rugged Boy Scouts from Troop 55 recently braved subfreezing temperatures, for an action packed weekend away at Camp Pouch on Staten Island. The purpose of the trip was for the boys to have fun, while learning outdoor skills that will be retained by each of them throughout their lives’.

All Scouts learned how to pitch/sleep in tents, gather wood, start/maintain outdoor cooking fires and cook healthy meals on fires and propane fueled camp stoves. Each “patrol” of young boys was guided by slightly older Scouts, who willingly shared their knowledge and experience.

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