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Delaware River—1, Washington Recreator—0

Well, yesterday was the big day … no, not Christmas … Washington crossing the Delaware. It happened the first time in 1776, and re-creators continue to celebrate the event that signaled a change the course of the Revolutionary War, leading to the establishment the United States.

The Daily Flag reported on the choosing of the new George Washington in September. The event wasn’t without incident yesterday, either. The Delaware River refused to cooperate, sweeping away the first boat to try the crossing. Because of the poor river conditions, the event was scrapped.

Unlike the original crossing, the United States wasn’t at stake. Safety first!

Swift waters keeps “Washington” from crossing Delaware | – Houston Chronicle
washington-at-delaware-river.jpgWASHINGTON CROSSING, N.J. — This George Washington could not make it across the Delaware River.

Ronald Rinaldi III was prepared to play the role of the military leader whose daring Christmas crossing led to a rout of British-led forces and revived the downtrodden Continental forces.

Rinaldi, 45, had taken part in every re-enactment of Washingtons crossing of the Delaware since 1976, amassed more than 500 books on the American Revolution and earned a degree in U.S. military history.

But this year, he and his fellow re-enactors were done in by the rivers strong currents.

As Rinaldi and hundreds of spectators watched, the first boat that attempted the short voyage from Pennsylvania got carried downstream. A rescue craft had to snare it. Three boats had trained to cross the river this year in the 55th-annual re-enactment, and dozens participated.

“It wouldnt be a Christmas Day without going down there,” Rinaldi said.

There’s always next year!

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