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Captured Flags in the News

checkered_flag.jpgWhen I first started reading news stories related to flags, I set up several search programs, then subscribed to the RSS feeds of the searches. I set up searches for “American flag,” “U.S. flag,” “Lone Star flag,” and just to make sure, I also set up a search for “flag” that would scoop up all the rest of the stories.

I never know what’s going to pop up in the “flag” folder, but I thought you might be amused by this list.

  • flag football
  • checkered flag
  • Flag Telecom (phone company)
  • Antiflag (singing group)
  • American flag
  • US flag
  • (any state) flag
  • red flag warnings
  • white flag
  • beach flags
  • (any country) flag
  • flag pins
  • flag burnings
  • National flags
  • people that are flagged
  • flagging
  • flag sales
  • flagging sales
  • flag shirts (shorts, soccer balls, etc.)
  • officials flag
  • yellow flag
  • caution flag
  • flag down

Many of these stories are interesting, but ultimately, not something worth flagging for The Daily Flag.

Are you doing the same for your business? Do you have the power of technology searching the web for your product or company name? It’s easy and can provide you with much valuable information.

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