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Cub Scouts’ “Battle flag” flown in Iraq

Inspiration is easy to find these days and for the men of Camp Taji, Iraq, it came in a package from Cub Scout pack 236 in Atlanta, GA. Spearheaded by leader Josh Moreland, the boys quickly assembled a large CARE package for the troops and prepared it for overseas shipping.

In the package, the pack included their “battle flag” requesting the troops fly it over their camp, gather all the soldiers signatures and send it back to them. The project is almost complete and the boys will soon have their flag returned, signatures and all.

GX Online
pack236battleflag.jpgAlong with the cards and treats came a large “battle flag” belonging to Den 5. The boys mailed the flag in hopes of it being flown over Iraq, lowered and signed by the Soldiers of 1103rd and mailed back.

“We raised the flag and it’s being signed and then we’ll send it back to the scouts,” said CSM John Hagler, command sergeant major for the 1103rd CSSB.

“I want to thank you and your Soldiers in the 1103rd for your sacrifice and commitment to our country,” wrote Moreland.

What an inspiration these boys are and congratulations to leader Josh.

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