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Flag Status Report

While putting out the flag the other morning, I noticed a few loose strings in the fabric, which caused me to take a closer look. The American flag flying in front of Flags Bay headquarters is approaching five months old, so I thought I’d give a status report.

When we moved into our current location in July, and we put up new flags for the occasion. The old flags were laundered and set aside as replacements. They aren’t ready for retirement, but we wanted New flags at the New location. I guess you just had to be there. The flags we put up are the outdoor nylon American and Texas flag we sell in the flag store. They are holding up very well, with the exception of the loose threads that need to be tied and clipped.

About a month ago, the wind and rain caught us by surprise one day and bent one flagpole beyond repair. The weight of the soaked flag, plus the wind did it in. The flag was fine after drying. Since then, we have flown only the American flag in front of headquarters, and it looks a little lonely.

I don’t have my new flagpole installed yet, because the ground is rock where I want to put it—which I discovered a few weeks ago when I started digging by hand. I gave up after eight inches and an hour of effort.

The new pole requires a hole about two feet deep, then a receiving sleeve is set in concrete. The flagpole itself slips into and out of the sleeve as needed. It’s really quite ingenious. The flagpole can be slipped out of the sleeve and stored in a garage or taken to another location, making is very portable, yet an excellent stationary pole.

There is a man in our area who advertises all over with signs that read, “Holes – $10” and I’m thinking a telephone call is in order. Saving my back is worth more than the $10 this fellow charges for digging a hole. My neighbor said the man has a small tractor with a hole auger mounted on the back. I still don’t see how that will work with all the rocks, but for $10, I’m willing to find out.

Oh, about that flag report: Back in February, I wrote an article that included the needs of flags, including regular washing. Our flags are washed regularly, but now a few repairs are in order. Nothing major, but if not fixed now, it will ruin quickly.

There you have it, a personal recommendation of our flags directly from our experience here at Flags Bay.

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