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Tag … You’re It!

Pet at Pet’s Garden Blog tagged me just as Deborah and I began our long Thanksgiving weekend, so I’ve been slow to respond. Memes are all the rage in the Blogadelphia, with new ones starting every day. This meme requires me to expose eight random things about myself. Honestly, I’m not sure the world is ready for this, but the meme can not be denied!

The hardest part is paring it down to just eight, but first, I need to take care of the paperwork.

The Paperwork

When you are tagged by me, you must link back to this website. Then when writing your meme, post the rules before your list, then list eight random things about yourself. At the end of the post, you must tag and link to eight other people.

Now … let the fun begin!

The Meme

  1. In thirty-three days, Deborah and I will celebrate our thirty-eighth wedding anniversary.
  2. I love all kinds of technology.
  3. I have not made a car payment in over seven years. I like buying really nice used cars and driving them until their wheels fall off.
  4. I enjoy quiet, relaxing weekends.
  5. I love reading Science Fiction, especially when it’s good. (see #4)
  6. I am a dog person (sorry Pet).
  7. I am an efficiency and productivity junkie. I will stop dead in my tracks to read the latest “get more from your workday” article written by anyone.
  8. I love finding out more about people, which makes this meme interesting for me.

Okay, that was easy. Now it’s time to tag my eight individuals.

Let’s see, who do I want to know more about? In no particular order, I tag …

The Tag

Mike Sansone
Heather Masson
Kent Blumberg
Robert Hruzek
Lisa Gates
Anna Farmery
Georganna Hancock

WOW! that was more fun than writing eight random things about myself.

The Plug

If you’re not reading these eight blogs (plus about a hundred more), you’re missing out on some fantastic wisdom in their perspective fields. These are part of my daily reading list, which is why I need to be more efficient.

8 thoughts on “Tag … You’re It!

  1. […] me to reveal eight random things about myself, which I gladly did for Pet. Here’s is the link to the […]

  2. Hello! Where else on the planet can we run into someone we’ve never met and realize we’re much less than 6 degrees separated. I confess I don’t always do memes, and when I do I sometimes change them up to be a right fit for my audience. Nonetheless, it’s wonderful to meet you.

  3. Thanks so much, Larry, but this is the third or fourth time I’ve been tagged with this meme!

  4. Thanks for joining in the fun !
    Now I have to ask who is your favorite Sci-Fi author?

  5. Well Pet, my tastes run pretty wide. I just finished reading William Shatner’s second SF book and enjoyed it very much: enough that I will read the first one.

    If I had to pick one though, it would probably be Frank Herbert, in particular his Dune trilogy. I read that decades ago, and still remember not putting them down. I haven’t read any of his son’s add-ons to the series, but will read at least one to see if they are worth the time.

  6. Heh! I am an avid reader of Heinlein..
    Frank Herbert was great with the dune series.. his son’s add ons were.. well add ons!
    My son has been reading Shatner for years, I didnt realize how many books he had written.

  7. I’ve never read any Robert Heinlein. The next trip to the library will take care of that, though.

  8. […] I provide Larry a plug for his podcast, and he returns the souvenir with a ‘tag’ for a blog-meme thingy. Seems, I am up to deal octad haphazard things most myself. I’m sticking with past […]

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