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Aspermont’s Big Flag


Aspermont’s large flag flies from their water tower in the center of town.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, Deborah and I headed north to the Texas Panhandle (Deborah’s note: um … that’s the square part of the state and proud of it). The five-hundred mile trip takes about eight hours with plenty of photo opportunities along the way.

This large American flag is flying high in Aspermont, Texas where the city built special brackets to support the huge flag. Driving into town on highway US 83, this flag makes a grand statement to visitors and locals alike.

Next door is the Stonewall County Courthouse, which has a great view of the large U.S. flag. Pictures of that are forth coming, along with other Texas county courthouses we passed on our trip.

The Hornets reference on the tower is to Aspermont’s high school mascot. This type of display is common in Texas, where high school sports—in particular football—rule.

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