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The Snow, She Blows, Mainly in the Texas Panhandle

WheelerSnow Deborah and I are in the Texas Panhandle for the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. We got a surprise as we sat down to lunch today—SNOW!

A cold front rushed through Wednesday, but the front wasn’t bringing any moisture … supposedly. Our “local” weatherman in Amarillo—100 miles to the west—said the western half of the Panhandle might see a slight dusting tonight into tomorrow, but Wheeler County lies along the eastern edge of Texas, snugged up against Oklahoma.

The snow is “falling” horizontally, and building up now where the drive meets the grass. I don’t know what we have in store, but now it feels like home … cold and snow for Thanksgiving.

I chased a covey of quail around yesterday, and again this morning, but they didn’t take me seriously. Maybe the snow will make them fly instead of running on the ground.

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