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World’s largest flag?

Have you ever wondered how big a flag can be? If this is any indication, plenty big. This Israeli flag is huge at 328 feet by 656 feet. I don’t know how they will fly this flag, but that’s another challenge.

The Guinness Book of Records is sending a representative to verify the size before awarding it “The Worlds Biggest flag” title.

World’s largest flag? – Israel Travel, Ynetnews
israel_flag.jpgA huge Israeli flag, believed to be the largest flag in the world, is making its way to Israel from the Philippines.

The flag, which is 100-meters long (328-feet) and 200-meters (656-feet) wide, is the size of two football fields. It is slated to arrive at the Ashdod port in the coming days.

The flag was sewn for three weeks by six tailors, guided by two designers, with the help of 40 volunteers. It weighs 5,200 kilograms (11,440 pounds).

The flag was initiated and financed by Sister Grace Gupana, an Israel-loving businesswoman, in honor of 50 years of friendship between Israel and the Philippines.

4 thoughts on “World’s largest flag?

  1. Interesting Post. This is the first time i came to know about the largest Flag. wonderful information, i really enjoyed reading this post.

  2. You bet, Fredrick. The Guinness people are looking at the flag now to certify it. Kinda cool.

  3. Wow ,

    The Worlds largest flag, 🙂 .. I recently purchased a flag company in Ohio…from a free businesslisting forum.. they have many franchise opportunities available…. Selling Flags is one thing.. Making the worlds largest flag is like WOW

  4. […] Israeli flag the biggest, awarding it the world record. Several weeks ago, The Daily Flag carried the story about the large flag, and wanted to provide the follow-up with the designation from Guinness Book […]

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