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The Daily Flag News—November 12, 2007

The news round-up today revisits some stories and takes a look at Veterans Day.

Friday I mentioned the Fredericksburg auction that included several of Pancho Villa’s guns and sword. The auction was Saturday and this story covers the results of the sale.

News 8 Austin | 24 Hour Local News | TOP STORIES | Pancho Villa’s guns sell for around $29,000
pancho-villas-pistol.jpgFREDERICKSBURG, Texas — Three guns linked to outlaw Pancho Villa sold at auction for almost $29,000.

The auction of items tied to 1910 Mexican Revolution folk hero was held near San Antonio on Saturday.

Selling for $18,000 was the prize of the auction — Villa’s Remington single action revolver that is engraved with his real name, “Doreteo Arango,” on one side of the barrel.

A rifle that Villa reportedly dropped in the Rio Grande during a skirmish with opposition forces sold for $7,500, and a pistol owned by Villa’s bodyguard was sold for about $3,450.

Here is a brief history lesson on the flag of Arizona.

Rifle matches led to shot at state flag
arizonaflagstory.jpgDoes the design of the Arizona flag have special significance other than the obvious sun-burst motif?

The state flag has an interesting story to it.

It seems that, back in 1910, before we were even a state, we sent a team of sharpshooters off to the National Rifle Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio.

So our guys got there and were looking around and noticed that all the other state teams had flags or emblems and we didn’t. Boy, were we embarrassed.

So Charles Wilfred Harris, who was a colonel in the Arizona National Guard and captain of the state’s team, decided something had to be done so our shooters wouldn’t show up the next year without a flag to wave.

Here are some of the Veterans Day news stories I read this morning. You might enjoy them, too.

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