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A Country of Honor

Honor is holding oneself accountable.


onmyhonor.jpgThe U.S. Flag Code is a set of laws bound by honor. There are no enforcement agencies, no penalties, no flag police. The only enforcement is honor.

Those who understand this, honor the Flag Code, keeping its laws out of respect for the American flag. Those who don’t understand this, dishonor the American flag.


Many believe that Respect for the American flag is a new discussion, but that is hardly the case. In fact, this was a topic in June of 1923 when the United States Flag Code was approved by the National Flag Conference. James J. Davis, Secretary of Labor under Warren Harding, said that “disrespect for the flag” was one of the “first steps” toward communist revolution.

All we have to maintain respect for one of the greatest symbols of our great nation is the honor of the U.S. citizens. When honor wanes, so does our country. It’s that important.

5 thoughts on “A Country of Honor

  1. Honor out of duty and respect–seeing it (or doing it) always gives me goose-bumps. Something a law could never create. In a society of casualness, the effects of honor only stand out all the more.

    Nice reminder, thanks. And Rockwell tells it almost as well (or maybe better) in the picture you posted.

  2. In a society of casualness, the effects of honor only stand out all the more.
    Dave, you hit the nail on the head with this one. Thank you for contributing, because, as usual, you’re right on.

  3. Please check out the first post to this blog…

  4. Ryan, thanks for sharing your post and pictures. Keep defending the flag.

  5. […] what I said in my article Country of Honor, the U.S. Flag Code is a code of honor and is policed by the honor and virtue of the flag flyer, […]

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