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Texans and Their Flags

Flags Flying in Wheeler TexasThe weather in Canyon Lake is absolutely gorgeous. So much so, I decided to go out for a short walk this morning for a little fresh air. I chose to walk around a two block area that stretched my legs for about a mile. I started noticing flags right away, and thought I’d count how many I saw.

The total was 10 flags: 7 American flags, 2 Texas flags, and 1 US Marine Corps flag. Those proportions seem a little off to me for a Texas average, with only 20% state flags. In other directions from the house, I have noticed more Texas flags, but haven’t counted them.

Now I have a mission … to count the flags up and down the streets. Okay, maybe I won’t become a pathetic loser quite so fast, but I am intrigued by the houses where flags fly. There doesn’t seem to be a profile. Some houses are old, some new, some big, some small, some landscaped, some not. I would like to meet the people who live in these houses.

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