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The Daily Flag News—October 31, 2007

Many American flags from the 1800s are now on display at the Quartermaster Museum in Fort Lee, Virginia. Two-hundred and fifty years have passed—from the 1820s to now, with many changes to the U.S. flag. Their website says the flag display is being readied, but I think you can see it now.

The Progress-Index – ‘It’s a Grand Old Flag’ on view at Quartermaster Museum
quartermastermuseumflags.jpgAlthough the last 250 years have seen drastic and nearly constant changes in the American flag, the message they convey is still the same, and a new exhibit at the Quartermaster Museum displays that.

“It’s a Grand Old Flag,” the newest exhibit, showcases multiple American flags dating back as early as the 1820s.

“We just thought that the American flag symbolizes the courage of the soldier,” said museum curator Luther Hanson. “It embodies what is going on in the world.”

When patrons first walk into the exhibit, they will see a 12 foot high by 18 foot long worn flag that was flown above a building in Harrisburg, Pa., from 1861 to 1866. “It was used all over the place to symbolize, in this case, the Union,” said Hanson

The Iowa 9th Infantry flag, also known as the Elson Flag is now on display in the Iowa State Capitol Building. The State Historical Society of Iowa press release is filled with details. If you are interested in more on the Iowa 9th Infantry, here is a full history.

Iowa 9th Infantry flag

Laura Lee Ramirez of the State Historical Society with the flag

The State Historical Society of Iowa rotated Civil War battle flags in the State Capitol Building on Tuesday morning.

Workers moved the 10th Iowa Infantry regimental flag to storage and put the 9th Iowa Infantry national flag on display.

Bloodstains on the 9th Infantry flag are believed to be those of color bearer James Elson. A distant family member was located, and DNA samples from the family member and from blood on the flag were tested twice, but the test was inconclusive.

The 9th Iowa, also known as the Elson Flag, underwent 16 months of conservation efforts.

Radio Iowa has this report on the opening of the new exhibit.

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