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The Daily Flag News—October 23, 2007

The Boy Scout motto is Be Prepared, and all the stories today prove it.

You’ve fallen and hurt yourself miles from help. What do you do now? Relax if Boy Scout Troop 226 is on the Appalachian Trail the same day. These Scouts and Venture Scouts put action to training and show why the Scouting program is so good. Make sure and watch the video after the link. Channel 6 interviews some of the Scouts. Boy Scouts Celebrated as Heroes
troop226rescue.jpgOctober 21, 2007 – Some hero Boy Scouts received a big welcome home today.

A band, including bagpipes, greeted Troop 226 as they arrived back in Rockledge, Montgomery County, one day after coming to the rescue of a hiker who had fallen and hit her head along the Appalachian Trail in Berks County.

Several scouts spotted 41-year-old Jane Scholl just after she had tumbled five feet from a cliff.

“I landed face first in the rock and got a gash from there to there,” she said.

She was bleeding and disoriented.

Two troop leaders, a Cheltenham police officer and paramedic, determined she was in no shape to hike six miles back to her fiance’s car. So the scouts sprung into action, fashioning a makeshift stretcher using tree branches and their clothes.

Troop 17 from Austin, Texas headed out for some outdoor training and merit badge work. One of the bonuses of this type trip—swimming after a hard day of fishing. This story is accompanied by video also.

News 8 Austin | 24 Hour Local News | TOP STORIES | Boy Scout troop learns a new skill
scoutsfishing.jpgIt started off as a way to earn another merit badge.

Tucked away in the hill country of Texas, Boy Scout Troop 17 took part in the annual Fall Fly Fishing Festival, and they’re learning a new sport.

They’re also becoming certified Junior Anglers, and of course, they’re catching some fish.

The day’s lessons end with a friendly competition among junior anglers.

“Oh, anything we can do to enhance the experience, you know? I think every kid out here got a rod and reel set. Plus getting out, catching the fish. It doesn’t get any better than that,” Texas Parks and Wildlife volunteer instructor Bill Brooks said.

Raising the American flag is one important task learned in Scouts. This story doesn’t have a lot of “story,” but the photograph was too good to pass up. :: Featured photo: Flag ceremony
scoutfoldingusflag.jpgTanner Simonsen, with the Billings Boy Scouts Troop 28, helps unfold an American flag Sunday during a flag raising ceremony at the Magic City Terrace housing facility.

What do the Jaws of Life, a MediVac helicopter, and Boy Scouts have in common. A day of teaching and learning. These Scouts learned first-hand what it takes to rescue someone from a mangled car.

Scouts learn skills from real-life situations
scoutaustindewitt.jpgThe Jaws of Life and an emergency medical helicopter were the big events Saturday when about 50 Boy Scouts from the East Texas Area Council camped together to demonstrate their knowledge and skills in emergency preparedness.

Nacogdoches firefighters demonstrated the necessary steps they would take to rescue someone trapped inside a car.

The firefighters ripped off the doors and the top of a donated car using the Jaws of Life.

Thirteen-year-old Kyle Wallace said one of his favorite events of the day was watching the Jaws of Life in action.

“It’s always fun to see a car get torn up,” Kyle said. “The helicopter was fun, too.”