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Texas has quirky side in Austin

thedailyflagoffices.jpgWith the currency exchange rate more favorable for citizens in the United Kingdom, Emma Rowley decided a mission was in order—a mission to discover Texas.

What caught my eye, was the Rowley’s comments about seeing the Texas state flag everywhere. It is something many Texans don’t think about because we grew up with it. The Lone Star is as common as the Stars and Stripes, whether in business or residential sections. Here at The Daily Flag offices, we fly both. Living – Travel – Texas has quirky side in Austin
scotsmanlivingsection.jpgWHERE have all the cowboys gone? Almost certainly to Texas, that most American of states, where even city-dwellers go about hatted and booted – as though they are more likely to ride a horse than a pick-up truck.

When you arrive on George Bush’s home patch, you quickly discover that the state’s Lone Star flag is as common a sight as the Stars and Stripes, fluttering from houses, hotels and car showrooms.

To understand where the famous Texan pride comes from, a visit to The Alamo in San Antonio is the obvious place to start.

Texans take their history very seriously and it was here, at a former chapel, that a motley band of vastly outnumbered rebels fought to the death against the Mexican army to safeguard their independence.

Emma, your words are kind, and you are welcome in Texas any time.

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