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What’s new at Flags Bay?

New Logo

Flags Bay New Business Card

Flags Bay has a new look! Deborah and I have been working on a header design since we started the business. We wanted something unique, yet representative of our business. We think the design is eye-catching, flag-like, and it will serve as our business card, too. Please let us know what you think in the comments section.

New Products

pole2.jpgFlags Bay has new products!

We have added the Hercules PolyesterTM line of flags to our inventory. Available in U.S. and Texas flags, these are the most advanced flags on the market today, manufactured with the best in high-tech processes, for exceptional beauty and durability.

Flags Bay has Flag Poles. Big Ones! And perfect for homeowners and businesses both. Our TopFlight flag poles are the best looking, best manufactured, best warranted, best supported flag poles for sale. Made from aircraft-grade machined aluminum, these poles offer features others only dream of.

Available in sixteen (16′) and twenty (20′) foot versions, this no-twist, no-wrap, no-rust, no-hassle flag pole comes with a five (5) year manufacturer’s warranty, and is backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval. Another feature is the ability to fly your American flag at half-staff when the need arises. Oh, and the price includes a Made in USA, 3′ X 5′, nylon American flag.

doubleswivel.jpgThe TopFlight also comes in a House Kit for mounting on the front porch. The kit includes the same quality aluminum six (6′) pole with all the mounting hardware needed. The kit also comes with a Made in USA, 3 X 5 American flag ready to clip and fly. The features go on and on, but you get the point.

Both of these models come with clear, polycarbonate rotating collars for wrap-free flying. The 16′ and 20′ come with two sets of collars, allowing two (2) flags to fly from the single flag pole. Additional options include a low voltage light, a wheel stand for flying your team colors at the tailgating party, and a dock/deck mount. This unique, patented flag pole is ready for shipment, today.

Technical Side

Over the weekend, I upgraded the website to the latest release of WordPress, 2.3, which required updates to many back-end plug-ins that make the site work. All did not go well. I broke the website several times in the upgrade process, but I think I now have a handle on it.

Several of the updated plug-ins don’t play nice together (as they did before), so I’m working through those problems. The audio welcome on the front page is not available because of these conflicts, but I hope that will work itself out quickly. Both plug-in authors know of the issue, and I’m sure it is a top priority to fix.

If you notice anything peculiar or out of character for the website, please let me know so I can investigate and repair. The shopping cart is working again, the search field is working, and page links take you to pages. That’s more than could be said a few days ago.

For more information on these new products, visit the Product Page.

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