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The Daily Flag News—October 11, 2007

One Navy battle, one Korean battle flag. A huge Korean battle flag is being leased to Korea for ten years, but the payment details aren’t clear. That might be news for another day.

S. Korea to get back 19th-century battle flag from U.S. this month | News
koreanbattleflag.jpgThe United States has agreed to return a Korean battle flag to South Korea this month on a lease basis, 126 years after the U.S. Navy captured it during an armed conflict here in the 19th century, officials at a state-run culture administration said Tuesday (Oct. 9).

The 4.5-meter by 4.5-meter flag has been on display at the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland since the U.S. took it as “spoils” from Korean general Uh Je-yeon during a 1871 battle at Gwangseong Fort in Ganghwa-do Island, west of Seoul. The conflict broke out as the U.S. attempted to open Korea to trade, and was subsequently christened by the New York Herald as “Our Little War With The Heathen.”

The American flag removed from the leather jacket worn by Peter Fonda in the movie Easy Rider sold at auction for almost $90,000 dollars. The Daily Flag reported on this last month as the auction was getting the memorabilia ready.

Flag from ‘Easy Rider’ brings about $90,000 in auction | – Houston Chronicle
easyrider.jpgDALLAS — The American flag taken from the back of the jacket Peter Fonda wore in the film “Easy Rider” has sold for $89,625 at an auction of the actor’s memorabilia from the iconic 1969 movie.

The Rolex watch that Fonda wore in the film was also part of the auction over the weekend at Dallas’ Heritage Galleries. The prototype watch sold for $33,460.

Heritage said the names of the buyers were not revealed.

The Daily Flag’s photo policy is definitely G-rated, and finding a picture of Paulina Rubio that meets that policy was difficult. The Mexican government is deciding whether to bring charges against Rubio for “not respecting” the Mexican flag, according to their National Flag, Shield, and Anthem Law, for posing with the Mexican flag. It seems the U.S. isn’t the only country dealing with “respect for flag” issues.

Mexico investigates whether singer desecrated flag by posing seminude with it – International Herald Tribune
paulinarubio.jpgMEXICO CITY: Mexico’s government is investigating whether pop singer Paulina Rubio desecrated the country’s flag when she posed for a magazine in nothing but the red, white and green of the Mexican flag.

Mexico’s Interior Department said Wednesday the photos may have violated an article in the National Flag, Shield and Anthem Law, which states “private individuals will give the appropriate respect to the national symbol and handle it with care.”

In the photo for the Spanish edition of Cosmopolitan magazine, the blond-haired Rubio — known as “La Chica Dorada,” or The Golden Girl — is seen clutching the flag in front of her to cover her parts of her apparently naked body.

A lost Saul Steinberg mural was located under cover of red, white and blue wallpaper. This find is very exciting to Steinberg fans and to Stephen Curley who has written an extensive article about the Texas Clipper I, for Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine.

Restoration needed for salvaged 1940s mural | – Houston Chronicle
texasclipperi.jpgAUSTIN — The whimsically drawn mural sparks the imagination with vignettes of life on a luxury liner in the post-World War II era.

Passengers play shuffleboard and pingpong, lounge in deck chairs or promenade on deck. A man inside a cabin eyes a “Bon Voyage” cake as a wild-haired Statue of Liberty oversees the departure.

The work of Saul Steinberg, known for his covers and drawings for the New Yorker, the barroom mural depicting life at sea was enjoyed by elegant passengers sailing across the Atlantic in the days before jet travel.

But in 1976 when the Texas Clipper I was being readied for a Bicentennial voyage, unknown decorators covered the mural with tacky red, white and blue striped wallpaper and a mirror.

And it nearly ended up in a trash heap along with debris from the ship, which had served as a naval transport, passenger liner and floating classroom before being readied for its final incarnation as an artificial reef 17 miles off the South Texas coast.

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