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The Daily Flag News—October 2, 2007

Last week The Daily Flag, brought the first part of this story under our commentary asking, “What were they thinking?” It was a story about an Oregon dog park with a memorial fire hydrant painted in an American flag motif. The story told of the outrage and removal of the hydrant.

Well, I am again wondering what are they thinking because they are re-installing the hydrant in the dog park. This is wrong on so many levels I can’t begin to address it in an introduction to a news story. Suffice it to say, it violates the U.S. Flag Code in many, many ways.

Flag Hydrant Reinstalled In Oregon Dog Park | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats
flagfirehydrant.jpgEarlier this week, an American flag-painted fire hydrant was removed from an Oregon dog park due to complaints from local residents that dogs would urinate on the hydrant. Now, the fire hydrant is back in the dog park and has been reinstalled.

After the hydrant was removed, the park department received many responses from dog owners and war veterans supporting the fire hydrant, which is a tribute to Hondo, a police dog killed in the line of duty. They wrote that the hydrant does not disrespect Hondo, the US flag or K-9 officers.

Earning the rank of Eagle Scout is rare, so I don’t get the chance often enough to highlight a young man receiving the award. The ranks of Boy Scouts are only a portion of the population and only 2% of all Scouts attain the rank of Eagle. It is hard earned and a high honor.

Achieves Scouting’s Highest Honor
eaglescoutawardianhermann.jpgNew York State Senator Kemp Hannon (R-6th S.D.) recently presented a New York State flag to Ian Hermann of Levittown for achieving Scouting’s ultimate achievement: the rank of Eagle Scout.

For Ian’s Eagle project, he grouped and nested boxes together in his community for American Kestrels and Screech Owls, which eat rodents and are an ecological source of reducing the rodent population. The project also assisted the American Kestrel which are on the endangered species list. Pictured, from left, are Senator Hannon,Ian Hermann, Jody Hermann and Arthur Hermann.

Bataan survivor Gautier beat the odds and lived a long life : Gautier endured Bataan, and lived to write about it
sunheraldbataanstory.jpgOCEAN SPRINGS –For three and a half years as a prisoner of war and survivor of the Bataan Death March, Msgt. James Donovan Gautier kept an American flag hidden on his body. When his captors randomly searched him, he’d sometimes stash the handkerchief-sized flag in his mouth. When he was finally freed, weighing only 96 pounds, Donovan returned with the flag; it now rests on the U.S.S. Bataan.

Gautier, of Ocean Springs, died Sept. 28. He was 88 years old.

Gautier lied about his age to enlist in the Army Air Corps, a predecessor of the United States Air Force. He was 17. In transport to POW camps, he and fellow soldiers were packed so tightly that when someone died, they couldn’t fall over, said daughter Diane Gandy.

Shuttle Astronaut presents special gift to University of Colorado

CU astronaut returns Buffs flag : CU News : Boulder Daily Camera
nasa-cuflag.jpgNASA astronaut Steve Swanson packed special mementos for his mission to space this past summer — a family wedding ring, his son’s Lego astronaut and a black-and-gold University of Colorado flag.

After spending 336 hours in space and making 222 orbits on the space shuttle Atlantis, the CU flag was delivered back to the Boulder campus Tuesday by Swanson, a CU alumnus.

“I want to give something back to your school,” Swanson told Chancellor Bud Peterson as he handed over the 3-foot-by-5-foot nylon CU flag.

“We’ll fly it proudly,” Peterson said.

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  1. Okay, we know how you feel about flags as a decoration 🙂 Fodder for a future post…what do you think of websites with .gif flags flying?

    Thought of this when following the link on the Eagle Scout…the Garden City News header has a waving flag.

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