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46 Truths about the American Flag

Sunset I am astounded by the number of Americans who believe that flying the American flag makes a political statement. Some believe flying the flag shows support for the War in Iraq, or the current political administration. This is no more the truth than not flying the flag makes the opposite statement.

The American flag is above politics and is not controlled by anyone but the American people. That is why respect for what the flag represents is so important for our country.

The United States

The American flag represents the United States of America, waving proudly for all the world to see that and behind the United States flag, we stand UNITED.

The United States Flag is the most recognized flag around the world, and whether foreigners hate it, or love it, they know what it represents. Our flag is a beacon to those who are subjected to the cruelty of national leaders, in ways most of us couldn’t even imagine or understand.

What does the flag stand for? It stands …

  1. For the values we hold as Americans
  2. For our love of this country
  3. For this country’s potential
  4. For freedom
  5. For hope
  6. For knowing the difference between right and wrong
  7. For opportunity
  8. For a willingness to help the underdog
  9. For victory
  10. For protection
  11. For human rights
  12. For ideas
  13. For ideals
  14. For inclusion
  15. For love
  16. For mercy
  17. For patience
  18. For kindness
  19. For a willingness to help
  20. For passion
  21. For compassion
  22. For a symbol to the world


What the flag does not stand for! It is not …

  1. For a political party
  2. For exclusion
  3. For hate
  4. For disrespect
  5. For a particular idea
  6. For conservatives
  7. For liberals
  8. For libertarians
  9. For division
  10. For conformity
  11. For the branches of government: legislative, executive, judicial
  12. For diminishing differences of opinion
  13. For political gain
  14. For driving an agenda
  15. For pushing the political process
  16. For the rich
  17. For the powerful
  18. For the elite
  19. For the select few
  20. For any particular point of view
  21. For wearing apparel or other temporary products
  22. For crushing those that oppose our ideas
  23. For any certain group of CITIZENS OF THE UNITED STATES!

That’s what I think the U.S. flag stands for. What do you say? Tell me in the comments.

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3 thoughts on “46 Truths about the American Flag

  1. You go, Larry! Can I add?

    Is for:
    Honoring the sacrifices of past citizens
    Our commitment to each other
    Remembering the next generation

    Wow, these really come from the gut. A worthwhile exercise.

  2. Dave, what fantastic additions to the list. I wish I’d thought of those. WOW!

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