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The Daily Flag News—September 24, 2007

As readers know, I love the American flag and enjoy reading about others that have that same joy. Today’s news brings several stories that will delight flag lovers, and a follow-up on the Space auction.

Rudy Mummey is a man after my own heart. with over 500 flags, he flies a different one every day, along with his lighted U.S. flag. Way to go, Rudy!

Standard-Journal Online – News
rudymummeyflags.jpgLEWISBURG — Rudy Mummey’s interest in flags can be traced all the way back to his youth.

Mummey, who has been retired for four years now after teaching German, English and theater in the Lewisburg Area School District for 39 years, has amassed a flag collection that would strike envy in the hearts of most other collectors.

With almost 500 flags at his disposal, Mummey flies a different banner each day in front of his house on Fairground Road in East Buffalo Township. He also flies the American flag, which he lights at night.

Not only did they find a huge American flag, they rescued and repaired it. When you go to the WTRF website, click on the video link to see the flag flying—all 34′ of it.

WTRF-TV – News for Wheeling, West Virginia and the Ohio Valley
charlestonlgusflag.jpgCHARLESTON — The Bruner home on Kanawha Avenue has always been a pretty patriotic place.

But for the last few weeks, that home has been overshadowed by one star-spangled banner that measures 34 feet in length.

“My son found it. It was to be recycled. It was frayed about three feet on the bottom. We set it up out here and cut about three feet off of it and paid a lady $30 to hem it for us,” said Harry Bruner, Sr.

One Charleston City Councilman got a few e-mails from residents wondering whether Bruner had the right to fly such a formidable flag.

While the city does have rules regulating signs in people’s yards, they don’t apply to American flags.

In The Daily Flag last Friday, I mentioned the story about the Dallas auction that included Buzz Aldrin’s written Communion service. This article include more of the items for bid, including Former President Clinton’s laptop, only slightly used. This is very interesting read.

Heritage explores space with latest memorabilia sale | Dallas Morning News
auctionitemsforbid.jpgAnother hot item was a laptop computer, its original hard drive intact, that was used by President Bill Clinton to e-mail to Sen. John Glenn, one of the original Mercury astronauts, during his 1998 return to space at age 77.

“Clinton wanted to convey his good wishes, and there was no effective way to do it except through e-mail,” says Mr. Slater. “Clinton as president had an aversion to sending e-mail, so this is one of only two e-mails he ever sent as president. The other was an internal test e-mail.”

Documentation, of course, makes any item soar in value. Both men provided it. Mr. Clinton even agreed to be photographed next to his rarely used, and now clearly outdated, computer.

Scouts and U.S Flags go together hand-in-hand, and Troop 25 getting a 50′ flagpole is great. A flagpole to be discarded … a Scout troop looking for a pole … it all fits. : Flag pole finds a new home
sunheraldflagpole.jpgLUCEDALE –It’s almost like they were meant to be together. A flag pole without a purpose and a Boy Scout troop with a need found each other through a simple coincidence.

In his daily travels, Gulfport ambulance driver Greg Baggett noticed a solitary flag pole still standing amid the rubble and reconstruction on Veterans Avenue and U.S. 90 in Biloxi. Its flag was long gone, probably lost in the chaos of Hurricane Katrina or removed by crews later.

Baggett, an assistant for Boy Scout Troop 25 in Lucedale, knew his troop needed a pole to fly an American flag over their clubhouse hut in Lucedale City Park. He contacted Gavin Smith with RW Development, who owned the KFC restaurant property where the empty pole was located.

Smith said the property would be demolished and offered the pole to the troop.

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