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The Man Who Would be President

This year’s WinnerDaveJ, our field correspondent, filed this story about a competition to be George Washington. Were you aware of the importance of choosing the right person to portray General Washington in the upcoming reenactment of Crossing the Delaware?

This panel of judges took their roles very seriously to find just the right man for the job. After all, he will become President after the war.

That’s Our George Washington – Roadside America
The judges quizzed the Revolutionary War generals, asking them to describe economic conditions of the time, troop movements and battle strategies. The classic historical re-enactor’s dilemma — “How would you handle first person vs. third person interpretations to answer visitor questions?” was put to each Washington. Then all had an opportunity for a spirited address to “the troops” — in this case, the media, family, and visitors sitting in the audience.

Story and pictures from Roadside America
Hat Tip to DaveJ

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