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The Daily Flag News—September 18, 2007

The world is full of flag news today, but I have worked to bring it down to five stories for you. All but one involve kids, either in the story or in the picture. That and flags seem to be the only things that tie them together.

The American Legion continues to be at the forefront in teaching proper flag protocol and flag retirement. This ceremony took place September 13th, and results from the flag collection containers the Legion placed around LaCross, WI.

La Crosse Tribune – 6.0
alflagdisposal.jpgThe American flag can be burned without prompting an outcry — but it has to be done a certain way and with respect.

The American Legion can help with that.

The Roy L. Vingers Post 52 demonstrated the right way to burn a flag Thursday with an official ceremony at its property at 711 S. Sixth St.

“It’s to try to teach the public about the proper disposal of our American flag,” said Clyde Butterfield, American Legion flag disposal coordinator. “The main thing is respect for the American flag.”

In cooperation with the La Crosse Fire Department, flag deposit

This letter to the editor from a Boy Scout
says it all. It doesn’t say how old Gabrien is, but I love that he is concerned with the condition of the flags flying above businesses in Indianapolis.

We’re flying the flag, but not always appropriately |
indystar.jpgI am writing to you because businesses are not flying the American flag properly. I go out with my parents on the Northeastside to go shopping and I have seen flags on which every corner is torn and every stripe is ripped.

I am in Boy Scouts; my dad and my mom were in the military. Flag Day is once a year, but I believe Flag Day should be every day for two reasons: first, to show American spirit; second, there is a war going on in Iraq right now where men and woman are protecting our country, dying every day. We should be respectful of our country.
My family and I don’t appreciate the way some people take care of their flags or their business’ flags. There’s a way you should treat a flag and this is not it.
Gabrien Gregory

The Easy Rider paraphernalia
, owned by Peter Fonda, is going on the auction block. I feel somewhat uneasy about this, but it is interesting.

Iconic ‘Easy Rider’ items up for auction | Dallas Morning News | News for Dallas, Texas | News: Local News
easyriderflag.jpgAmong the personal and professional items up for auction Oct. 6:

• The American flag taken from the back of the jacket Mr. Fonda wore throughout the film, with an estimated value of $50,000.

• A Department of Defense pin that adorned the jacket, valued at $15,000.

• Mr. Fonda’s gold record for the film’s soundtrack album, valued at $2,000.

• His personal collection of six movie posters, including those for Easy Rider and Ulee’s Gold, Mr. Fonda’s most honored performance, with an estimated value of $500.

Wilson Elementary School still teaches their students about the American flag and its importance. This living U.S. flag will be remembered for years to come by these kids.

News: Oh, say, can you sing? | school, national, flag – The Monitor
wilsonelementary-school.jpgWilson Elementary School formed the largest American flag in McAllen for a brief time Friday morning.

“Put your stars up — hold on to them without moving them,” school librarian Lydia Soto instructed the students forming the flag’s star-spangled field of blue.

The fewer than 500-member student body wore red, white and blue to correspond with their places in the human flag. Looking up, they waved to photographers positioned overhead in a McAllen Fire Department cherry picker and sang the national anthem.

Friday was the 193rd anniversary of the penning of the National Anthem. MacArthur Elementary School decided to make a day of the celebration, ending with a picnic back at the school. Another memorable day for the student body.

Leavenworth Times – News
macarthur-elementary-school.jpgIt normally comes before the start of special events or perhaps during a patriotic concert.

But students at MacArthur Elementary School dedicated a whole day to the national anthem.

Students from the Fort Leavenworth school kicked off their celebration Friday at the Lewis & Clark Center, home of the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College.

They later formed an American flag in a football field across the street from their elementary school.

Students participated in the National Anthem Project, a campaign sponsored by the National Association for Music Education.

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