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Cornfield maze tribute to Ford is all ears

geraldfordcornmaze.jpgEven though this story is a little corny, it caught my eye because it is about Gerald Ford. Gerald Ford is the only U.S. President to achieve the rank of Eagle Scout.

Of course, the story doesn’t have anything to do with Scouts, or Eagle Scouts, but that’s how my mind works sometimes. Bizarre? Yes, but effective.

Cornfield maze tribute to Ford is all ears | – Houston Chronicle
RICHLAND, Mich. — It’s a corny tribute to the late President Ford — and it can be fully appreciated only from the air.

A farm not far from where Ford grew up created a maze in a cornfield in the likeness of the nation’s 38th president, who died in December.

Each year, Gull Meadow Farms near Richland cuts a maze in its cornfields. A company that specializes in corn maze design drew up the plans for the Ford portrait, which says “PRESIDENT FORD” across the top and “THANKS” below.

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