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Mini-Poll on Flags

Our most recent NAVA newsletter included a link to an interesting poll. The Mayor of St. Louis, Francis Slay, maintains a website and blog, interacting with the public on issues of interest to the city. Last month, Mayor Slay ran a mini-poll about flags, asking fourteen questions concerning the American flag, the Missouri flag, and the city of St. Louis flag.

I have included a few of the on-going results here, but I encourage you to follow the link for the rest of the information. It is an eye-opener.


These numbers are somewhat disappointing for a flag company, but it reflects the reality of the American public. Almost half of the respondents never fly the U.S. flag. The good news is fifty-three percent do fly the flag, at least occasionally.

Obviously, this is a number I would like to see increased, but without what caused it the last time.

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