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Authenticity of Davy Crockett letter questioned

davy_crockett.jpgYesterday, I reported in The Daily Flag that the State of Texas had acquired the last known letter Davy Crockett wrote before the fall of the Alamo. Now some are calling into question the authenticity of that document. Several experts say the letter is definitely a copy, and not originally penned by Crockett.

State of Texas officials assure us that part of the contract to purchase the letter included thirty days for authentication. That process has begun and we should know soon whether the letter is real or a fake.

Doubts raised about authenticity of Davy Crockett letter | – Houston Chronicle
State officials said the letter had not yet been authenticated. Debbi Head, spokeswoman for the Historical Commission, said the $490,000 will remain in an escrow account pending the outcome of a third-party investigation.

“We built that caveat into the contract so that the purchase wouldn’t go through without an authentication process,” she said. “We are currently in the process of putting together the best team of experts of people who actually do this type of work — forensic experts, appraisers, handwriting experts, all kinds of people.”

Head said she’s “99.9 percent sure” the letter is real. “We just want to have it authenticated by our experts to put us at 100 percent certainty that this is the real document,” she said.

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