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Wrapping up The Future of …

I have noticed since beginning this series on “the future,” that others are writing on the same topic, but from different perspectives.

Here are five articles well worth reading, reinforcing the Internet to The Future of


  1. Brian Clark at copyblogger wrote a great piece titled How to Become a Heroic Business Blogger.
  2. Marguerite Reardon at c|net tells about Shopping from your cell phone.
  3. Josh Wolf at c|net reminds us that blogs are like mediums that preceded them.
  4. Caroline McCarthy dispenses the details on the huge SecondLife convention that took place in Chicago last weekend.
  5. Michael Hyatt of Thomas Nelson Publisher expounds on making buying easier by removing the friction.

Blogging, eCommerce, and the shopping experience are important to us all. As business people, we care about our customers, but often forget what our process looks like through their eyes. It’s important to step back from time-to-time, and consider how our business looks to others.

So what does the future hold? I believe blogging, eCommerce, flags, and social media will continue to flourish and grow, and each will have passionate champions. New media will come along to replace or supplement each, but nothing in the ‘verse can stop the continued march of online businesses toward better communication with their customers. After all, that’s what it’s all about—conversation.

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