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The Internet and Social Media

MySpace With this series, I have shared my thoughts on the future of blogging, eCommerce, and flags. Now I want to write about Social media. For openers, I am not an expert on this form of Internet and communication, but I have some experience with them. And be advised that this is purely Editorial Opinion here, and I welcome your comments whether you agree or disagree.


FaceBook To get started, let’s define Social media. It is the generic reference to websites like:

  1. MySpace
  2. Facebook
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Frapper
  5. MyBlogLog
  6. YouTube
  7. Twitter
  8. Digg

There are others I won’t take time to mention, but please know, they are numerous.

Frappr If you’ve never visited or used any of these sites, don’t worry. You’re just getting old mature. Apparently the allure for the younger age groups is incredible. They cannot resist wasting investing hours and hours on these sites. In fact, FaceBook has soared in popularity so much, companies are now blocking employees from the site during business hours.

These sites are growing at an incredible rate, and are selling at even higher dollar amounts. Google recently purchased Youtube for $1.65 Billion dollars, and it has no revenue. How does that work?

I Don’t Understand

YouTube Let’s just get it out there at the beginning. I don’t understand the appeal of these sites, and personally have UN-connected with all but one, so far. Of the list above, I have tried the even numbered ones, but not the odd numbered ones.

To give a better idea of each of the websites, I’ll try to give a brief description.

MySpace and FaceBook are social networking websites, while LinkedIn is a business networking website. Frapper and MyBlogLog are connection sites (especially for bloggers) with respectively, featuring your location map and your picture. YouTube is a video hosting website, Twitter is … hard to explain, and Digg is a news site where users determine what gets listed on the front page.

Twitter Let me try this again. Let’s see … Twitter is an incomprehensible nagging gnat buzzing around your ear (er, on your screen) that is terribly irritating and rarely useful.

My Take on FaceBook

One of my recent forays involves FaceBook. I was invited to join, and because of all the buzz, decided to accept. I suspect that to understand any of these websites, someone is required to spend a lot of time, learning how they work. I’ve spent about thirty minutes on FaceBook, and I see nothing appealing, at all.

LinkedIn Here is my take on FaceBook. It combines email, a forum, and a user group together with one login. I already have six email addresses, and don’t need another one. I also don’t “do” forums or user groups, so for me, FaceBook has little to offer.

My experience with the other websites, although different in nature, reflects the same outcome, so I won’t bore you with the details of each.

MyBlogLog Interestingly, I am a social person. I love face-to-face interaction and conversation, but this medium is too detached for me. It seems too sterile or cramped for the way I interact with people.

If social media sites are the future of the Internet, I’m in big trouble, because I JUST DON”T GET IT!

AM I THE ONLY ONE? PLEASE TELL ME I’M NOT CRAZY! Do you participate in any of these sites or others?

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