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Luna in Orange

I woke up this morning unusually early … at 5 A.M., because I was cold and thirsty. So I went for water and turned off the ceiling fan, which woke Larry. We have the loudest wall switches I’ve ever heard … quite old, these switches. I don’t know why I didn’t use the pull switch on the fan.

Larry wanted to know if I planned on viewing the lunar eclipse. I had forgotten about the eclipse, but scurried to turned on the coffee pot (set the night before) and hurried out onto the deck. There was a thin covering of lake fog obscuring the view, so no stars and no eclipse. But when Larry went out later, the sky had cleared so he could see the stars but still no moon, which was behind the trees.

Finally, when the eclipse was half-past, we got a good view of it. Pretty, in a Serengeti sort of way. I guess a sunrise lunar eclipse is rare. Gray-green tree line, gray-blue sky, and grayed-out oblate orange-y moon. I would have taken a photo for you, but the camera was in the car (and to fetch it would have been more complicated than I had brain-power for, so early in the morning).

The camera is never where I am. That’s one of Murphy’s Laws, way down on the list. I have a Nikon F3 in the closet, but we use a third-hand Kodak digital with some parts broken off and a geriatric shutter, because it’s digital. It breaks my heart but there you are.

I would happily carry a new digital, but you can understand why after using my beloved F3, I can’t buy just any old digital camera. Besides which, there’s no smell.

Stop for a moment and recall the fragrance of a fresh roll of film. Any kind will do: Kodachrome, maybe Tri-X. The aroma therapy provided by a fresh roll of film was such a creative boost. Anything was possible with a new roll of film.

I ask you, “Is there pleasure in a new compact flash card?”

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