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I Think … therefore … I Think


Over the last few days, I’ve had lots of time to think, although being sick isn’t conducive to clear thinking.

Now that I am better, it’s time to review my drug-induced ideas to see which ones are worth exploring further, and which ones I should just drop.

So what did I think about while horizontal? Was it valuable and worthwhile?

Here are some of the overall themes that went through my mind the last few days.

  • Blogging—Its transformation over the last five years
  • eCommerce—the present and future
  • Flags—flying them like kites and on poles
  • The Web and Social Media—how it relates to the future of the Web

I’d like to take each of these and share some thoughts over the next few days, and I’d like your feedback—reactions, and ideas as they relate to these topics. It will help me judge the value of my drug induced thinking, and give you a chance to straighten me out.

Fun for everyone. I like it.

2 thoughts on “I Think … therefore … I Think

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