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Larry loves Mondays, but not today

The Daily Flag’s chief flag flyer is phlegmy today. Which is to say, he is quite ill—laid low by a nasty bronchial stew of mold spores, pollen, and ancient dust, laid down in layer upon layer.

The abundance of this rain summer has resulted in the finest crop of weeds this state has seen in a long time. Now the weeds are going to seed (along with the other green–growing thing that aren’t weeds), and all that stuff floating around in the air can sneak up on a man, which is what happened to Larry. One day he was fine and two days later he was trying to cough up a lung.

He’s been coughing for the past ten days, but somehow today was more than he could take, so he’s horizontal and sleeping, thanks to a splendid variety of drugs, both prescription and over-the-counter—and for now, he is peaceful.

Our postings may be light for the next few days, because I don’t write as much or as quickly as Larry. As soon as he can focus his eyes again, he’ll be back at his computer. Unlike some folks, Larry loves Mondays. He tried not working one time, but it just didn’t feel right and he’s never done it again.

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