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The Daily Flag News—August 16, 2007

Fort Levenworth is actively training new military officers. They now have a new facility for the Command and General Staff College named for the explorers Lewis & Clark. I liked the pictures of the opening flag ceremony at the new location, and there are more pictures if you follow the link.

Leavenworth Times – News
cgscflags.jpgA flag ceremony is a tradition for the opening day of a new class at the U.S. Army Command and General Staff College at Fort Leavenworth.

But Monday’s ceremony was different because of its location.

It was the first of its kind at the fort’s Lewis & Clark Center, the new home for the CGSC.

The new class for the 10-month Command and General Staff Officer Course includes about 800 students. Most of the military officers attending the course come from the United States, but there are about 50 international military students.

80′ flagpoles are unusual, and most cities do limit the height of permanent structures, but “The Donald” won the same type court battle a few months ago. I’ll have to watch how this one ends.

The Winchester Star
flagpole-case.jpgKirk, who owned the Apple Blossom U-Store-It in Waterloo, died in May at 79. He had been fighting for his right to display the flag.

County planning officials say the flagpole violates county codes, which limit permanent structures to a height of 40 feet in a Highway Commercial District. The Kirk family is continuing the fight.

Athey, also a member of the state House of Delegates, said he will argue several issues, including:

* That banning the flagpole would be an unconstitutional abridgement of free speech.

* That the local action is a violation of the Dillon Rule, which says localities only have authorities that the state government gives them.

* And that the flagpole doesn’t meet the definition of a permanent structure.

A later story provides additional information, giving the time line for the flagpole decision from the Winchester Star.

… Frederick County Circuit Court Judge John R. Prosser decides at 1 p.m. on Oct. 3, when he is expected to rule on whether an 80-foot flagpole outside the Apple Blossom U-Store-It can remain in place.

unionflag.pngI certainly don’t want to get into the middle of an ongoing fight, but this is interesting in light of the news story I referenced a few weeks ago. Much is in the news about the Wikipedia issues of which flag to include, but this article stops that argument completely. These officials make it clear that the Union flag is the official flag, while the Flag of Scotland will continue proudly to fly beneath.

Belfast Today – News – Website sparks online flag debate
But as internet users debate, elected representatives are in no doubt about which flag represents Northern Ireland.
flagofireland.pngStrangford Assembly member Simon Hamilton said that the “Northern Ireland state flag, although not official, enjoys some de facto use but is and always was subordinate to the Union Flag.”
The DUP man said: “There is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that the official flag of Northern Ireland is and will remain the Union Flag and that is something that I and the vast majority of the people in Northern Ireland are more than happy with.
“It is the flag that flies from public buildings across our country on the days designated by the Flags Order in recognition of Northern Ireland’s constitutional status as an integral part of the UK – and whilst this fact might upset some who cling to the pipe-dream of a united Ireland,
there can be no question of a new flag or two flags or any other such nonsense.”

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