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Answers to Friday’s Flag Challenge

Have you worked really hard to identify the sixteen flags in the picture from Friday’s Challenge?

If not, quit reading and take the challenge before reading the answers, then return and click the continue reading link for the answers.

Here are the flags represented in the picture. I gave you the United States flag on Friday, which leaves fifteen state flags to identify. Let me know how you did.

  1. usa.JPGUnited States
  2. ohio.JPGOhio
  3. south-carolina.JPGSouth Carolina
  4. new-mexico.JPGNew Mexico
  5. tennessee.JPGTennessee
  6. pennsylvania.JPGPennsylvania
  7. oklahoma.JPGOklahoma
  8. washington.JPGWashington
  9. alabama.JPGAlabama
  10. california.JPGCalifornia
  11. arizona.JPGArizona
  12. west-virginia.JPGWest Virginia
  13. colorado.JPGColorado
  14. louisiana.JPGLouisiana
  15. wyoming.JPGWyoming
  16. alaska.JPGAlaska

Well, if you’ve made it this far, I’ll have to apologize to you. You will notice that the Washington flag is in the above list, but it isn’t visible in the picture. Using the collage feature of Picasa, and shuffling the pictures several times for aesthetics, caused me to miss the fact that the Washington flag was completely covered .

Several times I counted the number of flags, and each time got 16, but this morning I counted again—15 is all that is showing.

I am sorry, and will do better on the next one.

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