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9 year-old spends summer on Flag Tour for Troops

This 9 year-old knows first hand the special job the American troops accomplish everyday. Logan is involved with uplifting the spirits of 1500 soldiers in Iraq. This story is worth your time to read—it took Logan all summer to do it. 

Logan Loerzel

Boy’s traveling flag tour shows support for troops in Iraq

Most 9-year-old children spend their summer vacations playing with their friends.

Logan Loerzel, 9, of Prior Lake hasn’t had very much time for his friends this summer.

Nor does he have the arm span to hold a 5-foot long flag by himself. But his heart is big enough to support a battalion of 1,500 troops serving in Iraq by sending them monthly letters to lift their spirits.

After Logan had become a pen pal to a battalion of troops ambushed in Iraq, he asked his mother, “Who supports our troops?”

Her answer was a summer-long project in which Logan and his family embarked on a Minnesota flag tour while making a book to answer his question.

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