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Norman Rockwell’s Boy Scouts

To close out my contributions to the 100th anniversary of the founding of Boy Scouts, here are a few of Norman Rockwell’s beloved Scout paintings. Some of them feature one of my favorite themes.












4 thoughts on “Norman Rockwell’s Boy Scouts

  1. Thanks to Norman Rockwell’s beautiful artistic renderings, BSA has acquired an iconic image recognized throughout our nation. While Boy Scouts is still a program dedicated to the American values of God, Family and Country. I am certain Scouts will always Be Prepared to help both in times of good and bad. When looking at Rockewell’s Scout images check out the camp patch that appears every now/then — it is of Chesterfield Scout Reservation located in Chesterfield Massachusetts. A pleasant and beautiful place to enjoy a weekend or week’s worth of scout camp.

    1. Thank you for your comment. You have good eyes! and I will have to examine Norman Rockwell’s Boy Scout paintings more carefully. I found the Chesterfield Scout Reservation website online, and agree—what a splendid place for Scouts. I wanted to link to a page showing the patch, but could not find a clear enough image.

      I am a great fan of Scouting, and have written frequently about Scouting in The Daily Flag. Here are some more articles you might enjoy that reference Scouting: USS Boy Scout, Golden Boy, and How the US Navy Names Ships. Also here. Thanks again for writing. Deborah

  2. Wonderful illustrations. I love the BSA and proud of the way they’ve stood up for their foundational values.

    Saw this on Pinterest.

    Thanks for sharing with all of us!

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