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Boy Scouts on stamps

This week Larry and I have been writing about the 100th anniversary of the founding of Boy Scouts in England. Regular readers at The Daily Flag know that I like to write about the U.S. and state flags as they appear on U.S. postage stamps, so today I thought I would show you two stamps that feature Boy Scouts. These stamps are inexpensive to buy, and matted and framed, would certainly make a nice gift for a Scout, or an Eagle Scout.

The 3 cent commemorative stamp was issued on June 30, 1950 in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, to honor the occasion of the Second National Jamboree, held in Valley Forge. It features three Scouts, the Statue of Liberty, and the Scout badge. The postal service issued 131,635,000 of this stamp.


1950 3c commemorative stamp honoring Second National Jamboree, Boy Scouts of America

The 4 cent commemorative stamp was issued on February 8, 1960 in Washington D.C., and honors the 50th anniversary of the founding of Boy Scouts in America (1910), and was designed by Scouting’s greatest illustrator, Norman Rockwell. The postal service issued 139,325,000 of this stamp.


1960 4c commemorative honoring the 50th Anniversary (1910) of Boy Scouts in America

7 thoughts on “Boy Scouts on stamps

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  2. I have a 1950 3c Boy Scout stamp and would like to know if it’s worth any thing.

    1. Eric, I know very little about stamps, much less the value of any specific stamp. But if you put “1950 3 cent Boy Scout stamp” into any search engine, I am sure that you will find all sorts of information, including value.
      Best Wishes, Deborah

  3. I am a Scout Leader. I am also collecting stamps on Scouting around the world. We are celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Scouting in Mauritius. In this context we are proposing to organise an exhibition of Stamps on Scouting.
    I would be pleased if you can send me any stamps which portrayed Scouting.

    My contact is: Ramjan Beeharry – Freeland Lane, Glen Park, Vacoas, Mauritius, Indian Ocean.

    My thanks goes to you


    1. Thank you for writing, Mr. Beeharry. I do not collect stamps myself, but maybe someone else reading here will be able to help you. Best wishes, Deborah Hendrick

  4. Thank you Deborah
    If ever it happens that you meet someone who collects stamps or someone who can send me these stamps, please let me know.

  5. I myself am now an avid collector of Poland stamps but when I was much younger I too collected stamps that included Boy Scout stamps. As a former Scout myself, I guess that made sense!

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