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Lunch and The Italian Flag

italianflag.jpgYesterday after church, my family and I went to Italian Garden for lunch. I had never eaten there before, so I didn’t quite know what to expect, but was assured that everything was good. That was enough for me.

The first thing I noticed going through the door was a card holder filled with Italian Garden business cards. They caught my eye because they were made to emulate the Italian flag. Green, white, and red vertical stripes on the card, containing the owners’ name and the restaurant information.

The food was fantastic! The Chicken Portofino was amazing, and I was tempted to lick my plate so as not to waste the remaining brandy and dill cream sauce, but instead I followed Miss Manners‘ suggestion—that you drop bits of bread onto your plate, then casually swab the remaining gravy, sauce, juice, etc, and pop the bites into your mouth. I highly recommend the Chicken Portofino at Italian Garden next time you’re in San Marcos, Texas.

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