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88-year-old war vet finally makes Eagle Scout

walter-hart.jpgThe headline of a story has one job—to catch your attention and intrigue you enough to begin the story. The headline above certainly did that for me. Normally, 88 year-old men aren’t awarded the Eagle Scout rank. I knew this had to be good.

It is—good, that is. How many times in your life have you worked toward a goal, just to have some important interruption put the goal on hold? Most of us admit it happens more often that we’d like, and the hardest part is getting back on track with the original goal.

Walter Hart was interrupted by a little thing called World War II, and just got back around to the original goal. In Scouting, the requirements for Eagle must be completed before one’s eighteenth birthday. After that, paperwork and review boards are involved, but merit badges and service projects have a deadline. That’s what makes this story good.

Walter Hart completed the requirements before heading off to war, but the paperwork took a little longer than usual. Congratulations Mr. Hart!

88-year-old war vet finally makes Eagle Scout | – Houston Chronicle
FORT MYERS, Fla. — More than a half-century after he finished the requirements to earn the rank, an 88-year-old man was honored as an Eagle Scout on Saturday, making him possibly the oldest person to ever collect the honor.

Walter Hart couldn’t become an Eagle Scout at the time he earned the rank because his service in World War II got in the way.

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