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Updates and Discounts on Louisiana state flag

Louisiana’s Pelican Flag

Louisiana’s New Pelican Flag

Last March, I wrote about the Louisiana state flag which features a mother pelican with hatchling birds.

I need to correct something I wrote in that post … that the white pelican was meant to represent the brown pelican. That’s just wrong. The white pelican is a white pelican. The state bird of Louisiana is the brown pelican and Louisianians love it dearly, but the birds on the flag are not meant to represent brown pelicans, and they certainly are not interchangeable. It was careless writing on my part.

The white pelicans on the Louisiana state flag is a heraldic symbol virtually unchanged since the 11th century in France, and carried by a Crusader. Given Louisiana’s links to France, it is not surprising that the design would have made its way to the new world. I would love to know the story that fills in the gaps.

Through the centuries, various renditions of the pelican flags in Louisiana showed the mother pelican with drops of blood on her breast, but the official state flag did not. Last year the state of Louisiana corrected the oversight and officially changed the flag by adding the drops of blood.

Louisiana’s Pelican Flag

Louisiana’s Old Pelican Flag

At Flags Bay, we have three Louisiana state flags remaining in stock that DO NOT show the blood on the pelican’s breast. I could alter and correct the flags by inking or painting the drops of blood on them, but you, dear reader, could have a splendid teaching moment with your children or school class by painting the blood drops on the mother pelican’s breast on the old flag. This is a great opportunity to link ancient history to contemporary history in a meaningful and hands-on way, and toss in a small science lesson, too. I don’t think the kids would ever forget the occasion.

These Louisiana state flags are discounted, and as always, shipping is free.

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