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50 Needs of Every Boy

boy-scout-handbook.jpgIt’s been over twenty years since I was a Boy Scout Scoutmaster, but I learned a few lessons during that time that have stayed with me. The impact of positive male role models upon a young boy was the first.

Troop 404, in the early 80s, regularly had twenty or so boys involved in the program. Over half of those boys did not have a father living in the same home. A few boys were what I’d call rough, but they were good boys.

Over time I realized that the only men some of these boys interacted with regularly were the four or five adult men who volunteered with the troop. For the men, our positive attitude and commitment to the boys was all-important. I learned a lot about boys growing into men back then.

Here are 50 things I learned that boys need.

  1. Boys need some space
  2. Boys need boundaries
  3. Boys need boundaries enforced
  4. Boys need to roughhouse
  5. Boys need supervision
  6. Boys need to know they are important
  7. Boys need to know they are loved
  8. Boys need to learn manners
  9. Boys need to learn skills for life
  10. Boys need to play with snakes (and other reptiles)
  11. Boys need positive feedback
  12. Boys need hugs
  13. Boys need mental strength
  14. Boys need physical activity
  15. Boys need to learn compassion
  16. Boys need good friends
  17. Boys need solid adults to count on
  18. Boys need to cook outdoors
  19. Boys need to throw rocks into a stream
  20. Boys need to hike and fish
  21. Boys need reliability
  22. Boys need purpose
  23. Boys need comic books
  24. Boys need adventure
  25. Boys need their imagination stretched
  26. Boys need infinite possibilities
  27. Boys need to see stars by a campfire
  28. Boys need to break the rules
  29. Boys need to understand consequences
  30. Boys need to run
  31. Boys need responsibility
  32. Boys need to explore
  33. Boys need to learn finance
  34. Boys need to learn about God
  35. Boys need to learn history
  36. Boys need respect
  37. Boys need secrets
  38. Boys need to learn to spit
  39. Boys need to learn to whistle
  40. Boys need each other
  41. Boys need positive male role models
  42. Boys need loving mothers
  43. Boys need belonging
  44. Boys need attention
  45. Boys need to sleep in a sleeping bag
  46. Boys need to learn how to tie knots
  47. Boys need to understand about oaths (like the Scout oath)
  48. Boys need discipline
  49. Boys need to be boys
  50. Boys need to grow into men
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