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The Daily Flag News—July 25, 2007

This story is timely, coming in the week before the 100th anniversary of founding of Boy Scouts. This ties nicely with The Daily Flag too, since Brian Jones is raising money to buy real flag poles for Camp Butler National Cemetery in Illinois. The link to the PDF file is for donations to the project.

SJ-R.COM – Scout works to replace Camp Butler’s flagpoles
Boy Scouts insigniaRIVERTON — If Brian Jones’ Eagle Scout project is successful, Camp Butler National Cemetery will look a little different on Veterans Day.
(Donate to the cause(pdf))

Jones, a 16-year-old Dawson-area resident who is a member of Troop 46 in Riverton, plans to replace 100 of the temporary flagpoles the cemetery uses for its Avenue of Flags display on special days. The metal poles currently used are 18-foot sections of conduit that, according to Jones, don’t always allow for the best display of the American flag.

“Camp Butler supports people who fought in the wars,” said Jones, who is the son of Michael and Trudy Jones. “This flag project is showing respect to them by displaying the flags the way they are suppose to be displayed.”

I’ve been following this story for a few weeks and it looks like something is about to happen. Apparently, government buildings in the UK can only fly the Union Jack on the sixteen days allowed and no more. Some want to fly the flag daily, and their time may be at hand.

Flying The Flag (from Your Local Guardian)
your-local-guardian.jpgThe Union flag could be raised above Government buildings every day if the public gives the plan the nod.

Culture minister James Purnell has released a consultation paper today suggesting the Union flag should be flown above ministries and departments more than the current 16 days allowed.

Celebrating the 63rd Guam Liberation Day with a barbecue works for me.

Pacific Daily News – – Hagatna, GU
flag-of-guam.jpgOn Liberation Day, the Guam flag flew over more than just Marine Corps Drive.

Almost two dozen U.S. military members, stationed in Camp Arifjan, Kuwait, honored the 63rd anniversary of Guam’s liberation on Saturday with a flag-raising ceremony and a traditional Chamorro barbecue.

Swaying in hot, 25-mph Kuwaiti wind, the Guam flag flew beside American, Kuwaiti and British banners in Camp Arifjan’s Zone 6 for more than eight hours. It was lowered mid-afternoon to be displayed at a later gathering.
The day concluded with a mid-desert island-style barbecue in Zone 1.

“Guamanians love to barbecue no matter how hot or cold it is,” one soldier said, according to a U.S. Army press release. “They just love to eat, too.”

I won’t pretend to understand the motivation behind this, but find it interesting that it hasn’t been done before. It appears the game plan is to plant the Russian flag on the bottom of the Arctic Ocean, at the North Pole, 4200 meters down(2.6 miles).

Russia’s Flag to Be Raised at Arctic Depth of 4km – Kommersant Moscow
russias-flag.jpgThe expedition of Russia’s scientists that starts today from Murmansk to become the biggest undertaking in all history of North Pole’s exploration will raise the flag of Russia deep in the Arctic Ocean. Academician Fedorov motorship and Rossia atomic icebreaker are ready to sail.

This Arctic effort will last for a fortnight. In late July, Mir-1 and Mir-2 are to reach the Arctic Ocean’s bottom near the Franz Josef Land, first time under the ice and to the depth of 4,200 meters, where the flag of Russia will be raised. The most difficult operation will be hoisting bathyscaphs back through the ice-hole, the scientists forecast.

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