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U.S. and Texas Flags Flying at Canyon Lake

usandtexasflags-from-porch.JPGThe Stars and Stripes and The Lone Star are flying now, in the front of The Daily Flag offices. All it took was a little thinking and some ingenuity.

It has rained every day since we arrived, until yesterday —Sunday—when the sun finally came back out and the heat returned, too. We took an extended walk around the grounds and studied the options. My life experience means that I start with easiest and least expensive idea, then progress upwards to conclusion.

I mentioned in a previous post that because we lease this house, I did not want to attach the flags to the house or deck. But this simple, basic installation will work for anyone who wants to display both flags adjacent to each other.

pole-inside-pipe.JPGAs you can see from the photo, I started with an aluminum tube (old shower curtain rod). I cut the rod in half and drove the two sections into the ground about 18″ deep, and just placed the flag poles into them. I had to add an extra 2′ section to each flag pole to get enough height, but I think the results work.

The wind hasn’t been much of a factor this past week, but I’m sure it can blow, when it takes a notion. Time will tell if my cheap inexpensive installation will hold up to the wind and rain.

It sure is good to see the Red, White, and Blue flying again. I feel better already.

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