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The Daily Flag News—July 18, 2007

It’s been a week since I last published the news collection, but it seems a lot longer. The news reader was stuffed to overflowing when I opened it this morning, but I have sliced and diced, and culled through the many items to bring you these four stories that caught my eye.

Danielle Scott-Arruda was elected, by her peers, to carry the U.S. flag in the opening ceremonies at the Pan American games last Friday. What an honorable achievement for an athlete.

United States Olympic Committee – Danielle Scott-Arruda to Carry U.S. Flag
daniellescott-arruda.jpgRIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil – The 2007 U.S. Pan American Team elected three-time Olympian and four-time Pan American Games Volleyball Team Member Danielle Scott-Arruda (Baton Rouge, La.) as the flag bearer for Team USA. Scott-Arruda will lead the U.S. delegation into the Opening Ceremony of the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Opening Ceremony takes place Friday, July 13 at Maracanã Stadium.

“It’s such an honor to be nominated to carry our flag into Opening Ceremonies,” Scott said. “It never even crossed my mind that I would be elected to be flag-bearer, but it really means a lot, especially since I was nominated by the other athletes. It’s pretty incredible. I’m really looking forward to it.”

Previously at The Daily Flag we ran the story of Minnesota banning their state retailers from selling non-U.S. manufactured flags inside the state. Wholesalers and consumers aren’t affected by this law, only the small businessman. Now a U.S. Congressman wants to completely ban the importing of American flags.

Every article mentions that $5.3 million dollars of U.S. flags imported each year, but they don’t give you the rest of the numbers. The U.S. exports $1.7 million dollars of American-made flags, and Americans purchase $349.2 million dollars of American-made flags each year. The Chinese flags represent 1.4% of flags sales in the United States.
boren-flag-story.jpgU.S. Rep. Dan Boren (D-Okla.) introduced legislation last week to prohibit foreign-made U.S. flags from being imported for sale in the United States.

H.R. 2993, the Genuine American Flag Act, would prevent the importation for sale of foreign-made U.S. flags, regardless of size, six months after the date of its enactment.

Boren said, “I believe it is critical that we protect the sanctity and honor of our nation’s flag. Many Americans are unaware that the flags they proudly display are actually made in places like China.”

Currently, in the United States, we don’t face this type punishment for disrespecting the American flag. I hope Americans remember that our freedom is something special. And yes, 1.4% of the U.S. flags sold in America are made in China. Ironic, huh?

Javno – World
chinese-flag.jpgA local Chinese court sentenced a man to six months in jail after he set fire to a national flag, official Xinhua News Agency reported on Sunday.

A few months ago, the man, identified only as Zhao, got into a fight with two middle school students in Datong county of northwest Qinghai province.

He then chased the students to their dormitory but got driven out of the school by teachers, the report said.

The furious Zhao then stormed to the dormitory building, entered the teachers’ room and destroyed a number of objects.

He then went to the school playground, lowered the national flag and burnt it.

The school sued him and a local court sentenced Zhao for insulting the national flag.

A heart-tugging story straight from the movies, with soldiers, kids, and American flags in the plot. I really enjoyed this story and think you will too. Sailor seeks young patriot who gave him flag
kevin-murray-with-us-flag.jpgPORTSMOUTH — When Boatswain Chief Mate Kevin Murray and his unit were sent to the Middle East last fall to help protect American and Coalition ships from terrorist attacks, he, like the other members of the Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 112, left loved ones behind.
They had already been separated from their families for five months, and the final nine months of their separation was ahead — the deployment to the United Arab Emirates and the patrol boat duty guarding the ships.
When Murray’s troop plane touched down at the Pease on its way overseas, they were met by the Pease Greeters.
One of those greeters was a boy who handed Murray a small American flag.

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