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D-Day Revisited by James Michael Pratt

The sixtieth anniversary of D-Day was well attended last month at Normandy, France. James Michael Pratt attended as an official U.S. press pool reporter, and wrote a great article on what happened that day, June 6, 2007. It is worth the time to read and feel what these men felt long ago—still bright in their memory.

James Michael Pratt Straight From the Heart
As a member of the official US Press Pool to the multi-national sixtieth anniversary ceremonies commemorating the Allied D-Day invasion of June 6, 1944, I had the privilege of witnessing a never-to-be-repeated celebration of honor and courage at the battlefield locations in Normandy, France. The gathering of old warriors in their eighties and nineties said it all. They came because they knew this would be the last time in their lives such a large congregation of nations and people would pay them and their fallen comrades homage. We, the sons and daughters, came for the same reason. The speeches of the French and American Presidents, contained solemn and spiritual tones while at the same time spoke to the ideals of the common-man-soldier who made it all possible for us to enjoy what we have.

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