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A note from The Daily Flag

The Daily Flag has new offices … Larry took the sitting room, and I will occupy the guest bedroom. Tall ceilings, big windows with big views, lovely old hardwood floors, and we no longer can see each other. We may need to use walkie-talkies. (Yes, yes—I know about instant messaging, but I don’t like it.)

We are mostly unpacked, and it will take awhile for us to find the best place for everything, but at least we can find it.


Flag from stern of USS Belleau Wood

Now for the irony—we don’t have our flags flying yet. The house we live in is leased, so we do not want to attach the flag brackets to the house or deck. It’s also on a steep rocky hillside. The landlord might let us erect a standard flagpole on the grounds (haven’t asked yet) but that would still take weeks to accomplish.

In the meantime, we are bouncing around ideas for sturdy, but temporary, pole mounts. In another life, I was engineering draftsman, so I tend to envision elegant and somewhat complicated designs (over-engineered, Larry says). Larry comes from a long line of Hendrick men who believe in first using what’s at hand, before making a trip to town (if you get my drift—I’m trying to be diplomatic here).

So if you have any ideas for design that meets our needs, drop us a line.

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  1. You could lash together a flag pole or tower like we built in Boy Scouts. K

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