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Battle of Buffalo Wallow

Field reporter Christine U. sent in a batch of photos from the recent reenactment of the Battle of Buffalo Wallow. By all accounts, it wasn’t much of a battle because only one Indian showed up for the weekend festivities, but he was mighty handsome and everyone had a lot of fun this time.

The Buffalo Wallow fight took place September 10, 1874, and included Billy Dixon, who is alleged to have shot an Indian from a mile away during another fight, the Battle of Adobe Walls.


The gathering took place at Mobeetie, Texas, in the Texas Panhandle. The second picture shows the restored Old Mobeetie Jail, now a museum. Mobeetie was one of the first settlements in the Texas Panhandle and even served as County Seat of Wheeler County for a short time.

The links take you to a one page summary of Mobeetie and Buffalo Wallow.

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