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Time to Come Clean

sanleon-shrimpboats.JPGIf you have noticed a certain slowness of late at The Daily Flag, it’s not because we are enjoying a lazy summer. It is time to come clean. Deborah and I are moving this weekend, and the preparations are taking their toll in a number of ways. Busy is the order of the day, what with making plans, packing, and continuing to write for The Daily Flag. Our game plan, if successful, should make most of the process seamless to you, our readers. Friday will be the roughest day—the movers are coming on Saturday morning


Galveston Bay is a great place to live, and we have enjoyed our time here, but it is a long way from the rest of our family. We live here because of of a job promotion with a company that no longer exists. We stayed here because I like the warm winters and hot summers. (editor’s note: That means he hates to shovel snow.)


A month ago, the opportunity to move closer to the family presented itself, and all the pieces quickly fell into place. We jumped at it!

Our granddaughter is growing so fast, and seeing her two or three times a year was just unacceptable. This move puts us within thirty miles of her (oh yeah, and her Mom and Dad—we missed them too)  

Still in Texas

We are relocating to waterview.jpgCanyon Lake, which is in the Texas Hill Country. We’ll live on the south side of the man-made lake named—you guessed it—Canyon Lake. We aren’t especially close to the water, but from the front deck, standing on tiptoes, you can see a portion of the lake in the distance.

Deer run rampant and we noticed a pair of Road Runners around the place. The community of Canyon Lake sprawls around the water, similar to here in San Leon, but without the shrimp boats.

The main industry is Recreation provided by the lake and the Guadalupe River. Fishing and tubing bring in people from around the state, especially for long weekends and vacations. The slow moving river, with clear water and cool shade is perfect for an afternoon of relaxing and floating down river for twenty miles or so.

We are excited about this change in our lives, and should be back to normal in about a week. Thanks for your continued support.

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  2. […] all happened suddenly, but life is good. I wrote a more detailed article with a picture from the front deck on Flags […]

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